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Onsite Clinical Services

Chest radiography

State of the art digital chest x-rays on site. Immediate diagnosis of pulmonary conditions such as pneumonia, congestive heart failure, fluid collections in the chest, collapsed lung and tumors. Having an immediate diagnosis and not being forced to travel to another site for an x-ray offers tremendous value and convenience to our patients.



An electrocardiogram records the activity of the heart.  It is useful in analyzing abnormalities of electrical conduction in the heart which may be associated with abnormally fast, slow or irregular rhythms.  The test can also identify signs of coronary artery disease, thickening of the heart muscle or enlargment of the various chambers of the heart.  The test is quick, painless and without risk.



For diagnostic testing and monitoring.


Comprehensive immunizations

Travelers are at a greater risk for contracting infectious diseases. Vaccinations must be personalized with respect to the traveler’s vaccination history, the country to be visited, the type and duration of travel, and the time left for departure. A travel medicine clinic has to be consulted at least 2 to 3 months in advance to allow adequate time to optimize the immunization schedules.

Lists of the immunizations we offer include:

  • Influenza
  • Pneumonia
  • Zostavax
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Tetanus, diptheria & Pertussis
  • Poliomyelitis
  • Measles-mumps-rubella
  • Meningococcal disease
  • Yellow fever
  • Japanese encephalitis
  • Gardasil
  • Typhoid

Immunocompromised and pregnant people are, in general, not recommended for live vaccines such as oral typhoid, yellow fever, MMR and varicella. Your doctor will be the best person to address your concerns and make further recommendations.